Warranty Policy


It is every customer’s responsibility to check if the specifications and features of the said model is what they need and they wish to purchase. Widget City is only a dealer, a platform or a channel of sales and is not liable for wrong assumptions or wrong reviews for the said model. It is also understood that when a customer purchases from Widget City, they also accept the terms & conditions framework.


• All our technical team members are well equipped, licensed and Experience and professional technicians capable of doing everything from assessing conditions, simple software updates to the most difficult tasks.

• The date of purchase is considered as the first day of warranty claim.
• Gadgets have life spans and naturally wear and tear over time.
• Some brands are also sturdier and more well built, while some give up earlier. This also depends on your usage.
• All sales are final. Unit replacement is not possible due to change of color or product model indecision.

• Please do not lose the Warranty Slip given to you upon purchase.
• No warranty slip, no warranty policy applies – this verifies that you bought the item with that specific serial number from us.
• No technical support for items bought outside of Widget City.
• Always refer to the warranty indicated in the item’s description on the website, not what’s in the box upon purchase.
• We do not reissue or keep your information from the warranty slip; it is the customer’s duty to store this form in a safe area.


Warranty & Support


Product Warranty
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-
Smartphones / Tablets/Camera:

  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Blackberry
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • Lenovo
  • LG
  • Meizu
  • Nokia
  • OnePlus
  • Oppo
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Xiaomi
  • Nikon
  • Fujifilm
  • Canon
  • Panasonic
  • Pentax
  • Sony
Service Warranty:– 1 year Service Warranty- 3 days Replacement WarrantyWarranty claim at Widget City’s service point
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-
Other Apple Products:

  • iPad
  • MacBook
  • iPod Touch
  • iPod Shuffle
  • iMac
– 1 year International Warranty(anywhere in the globe)
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-
Bluetooth / Electronic Accessories:(enhancements that may contain battery)

  • Audio Device
  • Speaker
  • Headset
  • Headphone
  • Smartwatch
  • Powerbank
– 3 months Service Warranty
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-
Phone Accessories:

  • Cases
  • Screen Protector
– No warranty
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-

  • GoPro Hero Cameras
  • GoPro brand Accessories
– 1 year Parts and Service Warranty- 7 days Replacement WarrantyWarranty claim at Service Centers
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-
GoPro Non-electronic Accessories:

  • Poles
  • Cases
  • Filters
– No Replacement Warranty
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-
GoPro Electronic Accessories:

  • Remote
  • Battery
– 1 year Service Warranty- 7 days Replacement Warranty
 ————————————————-  ————————————————-


Items with Service Warranty:

  • •Day 1 of 3 days replacement start counts on purchase date.
  • •3 days unit replacement in case of hardware defect.
  • • No outright replacement – claims are first subject to technical diagnosis to make sure such are true, and not due to user error.
  • “Labor charges” for parts installation , cleaning or realigning are the only service that are free.
  • Software damage , especially hard brick or corrupted are not free since “Smartphones software” requires software logs that are paid.
  • Customer will shoulder cost of parts replacement if needed. Like all service centers, parts replacement depends on availability of parts from our supplier. Should the parts be not available we have to wait till it’s availablity.
  • Do not consult and have your item repaired by third-party service centers. We will not be liable for their actions. This voids your warranty at Widget City.

Items with No Warranty:

• These include, but are not limited to, cases, bags, laptop tables, filters , cases , selfie stick or any commodity that do not have electrical chip that can checked and inspected upon immediate purchase by bare eyes and hands.

Unit Replacement Policies:

• Strictly 3 days only for unit replacement.
• 4th day onwards or past the three-day period, your item will be subject for technical support.
• No outright replacement – items are subject to technical diagnosis first to ensure it is factory defect and not due to user error.
• 1-2 deadpixels are not considered as factory defect.
• There are incidents not subject to unit replacement. (Read next bullet for more information)
• Units with physical damage (such as dents and scratches or incomplete packaging) are strictly not entitled for unit replacement, even within the 3-day replacement period. Physical damage are visible to bare eyes and not part of warranty.
• Replacements are given same color – same model. Changing of color or model is not allowed.


Limitations of Warranty:

Under these conditions, warranty is completely void for repair and technical support.

  1. Mishandling and negligence even within 3 days replacement period.
  2. Water damage (even if the device is a water resistant)
  3. Deadpixels.
  4. Dust, dirt and physical damage.
  5. In-the-box accessories.
    • Please carefully check that these are performing well during the transaction.
  6. Software modification / Root / Dead on Over the Air update / Brick/ Lack of foresight on new OS version bugs
  7. Tampered units.


No Trouble Found Incidents:

• After the diagnosis period and there is no trouble found on the unit, we will return the unit to you.
• If needed, we will issue an official report from authorized service centers to further verify our official diagnosis.
• In this instance, a replacement unit is not possible since there is no problem with the unit.

For Metro Manila customers:

Please drop it at our store located at Victoria de Manila – Pedro, Gil Taft Avenue.

For provincial customers or those who wish to ship the gadget back to us:

  • Please pack only the item/s in question and a photocopy of the warranty slip into a box. Include a signed letter containing all concerns. Please provide a waybill number of the returning the item.
    • Items are subject to 3-7 business days of technical diagnosis so we can evaluate your unit properly.
  • Shipping cost back and forth are handled by the customer